Missions Ministry

As a member of Saint Joseph Missionary Baptist Church, we are missionaries because we have been sent, biblically, to spread the gospel and to help those who are in need spiritually, physically and emotionally.  The Mission Ministry is an organized ministry of the church with the responsibility of learning and teaching how to win the lost to Christ.

This is accomplished by (1) studying the Bible as the basic guide for missions; (2) studying missionary books and other Christian literature for further clarification; (3) serving Christ through personal service to others at home and abroad.

The Music Ministry

The purpose of the choir and musical staff is to offer up songs of praises to God and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The music ministry also serves as a means of preparing the heart of people to receive the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

The Children and Youth Ministries

The purpose of both ministries is to help in the development of faith in Jesus Christ, Christian character and integrity.

The Mother's Ministry

The purpose of the Mother's Ministry is to give spiritual guidance to the young ladies and young men of the church.

The Usher Ministry

The usher is a servant of Jesus Christ who helps create an atmosphere of love and welcome in the worship service for our visitors and guests.  In the serving of people they are really serving God.

The Busy Bee's and The St. Joseph Ministries

The purpose of both ministries is to use their abilities, skills, and experiences to help the church in meeting its financial obligations.  Both ministries, with the help of other ministries, were very instrumental in the burning of the church mortgage.



St. Joseph Missionary Baptist Church